Saturday, October 11, 2014

Number Line Practice

Are you trying to teach your students how to add and subtract using a number line?  If so, this Mimio set is for you!  I made up a set of Mimio slides that have a number line and a cute little frog to use when introducing a number line.  You can move the frog to illustrate how to hop forward or back when counting on or counting back.  You can also use the pen tool to draw the hops to help students better visualize the hops the frog takes.  A blank addition number model and a blank subtraction number model are included to use once students are familiar with how to write addition and subtraction problems.  There are 10 worksheets included to give your students practice with using a number line to solve addition and subtraction problems.  The worksheets can be used during a lesson, as morning work, as homework, or as an assessment.  My students loved using the little frog to solve problems at the Mimio board.  I hope your students enjoy this as much as mine did!

 Frog Hopping Number Line on TPT

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